Newsletter No.31 December 2006
Welcome to the December newsletter from the DragonsCavern website.

This month we have news on;

Tudor Mint News,
Other News,
Changes to the DragonsCavern website,
Vote results and a new vote,
Tudor Mint News:
Wohoo!! The second trilogy piece is now in some of the H Samuels stores - although it's not the piece that was expected. The Wizard Fortune Finder (Sig 21) seems to have vanished - maybe with the fortune - and instead The Dragon Fortune Finder has been released.
News is that the Wizard will be making an appearance in January.

As is usual at the end of the year there are studies that are being retired, as well as a new selection launching in the New Year.
The retirements are;

3375 Requesting the Potion
3378 The Challenge
3381 The Dragonet's Nest
3383 The Struggle for Power
3125 The Dragon's Nest
3134 Reflections
3847 The Unicorn's Pool
3870 The Healing Potion
3872 The Crystal Flame
3877 The Celtic Wizard
3890 Looking for Treasure
3892 The Elfin Unicorn
3894 The Castle's Protector
3897 The Escapologist
3898 The Dragon's Prisoner
3902 Master of the Gargoyles
3905 The Cauldron of Flames
3906 Pegasus' Pool
3910 The Blacksmith
3911 The Dragon's Young
3913 The Village Guardian
3918 Summoning the Serpents
3919 The Magical Discovery
3929 The Magic Pyramid
3932 The Gift
3936 Guardian of the Settlement
3940 Dragon of the Snow
3957 Preparing the Magic
4397 Gargoyles v Dragons Chess Set
5036 A Black Rider
5037 Gandalf II
5039 Bilbo Baggins II
5042 Gandalf and Frodo K214
5047 Beorn, Gandalf and Frodo
5048 Frodo
5049 Boromir
5054 Merry and Theoden
5055 Escaping the Balrog
N001 The Wizard's Spell
N008 The Serene Dragon
N009 The Wizard of Mystery
N010 The Dark Dragon
N012 The Guardian Gargoyle
OY06 Dragonlord
WC04 Wizard & Cauldron Windchime
WC05 Moon Dragon Windchime
WC06 Unicorn Windchime

The new releases are;

OY07 Amethustos
CC17 The Magic Lightning Tree Club (Presentation Piece)
9034 Domain of the Dragon (Members Only Studies)
9035 Guardian of the Watchtower )Members Only Studies)
3397 Heartfelt
3398 The Revered Stone (Limited Edition)
3399 Courting Death
4027 The Dragon's Cross
4028 The Deep Reflection
4029 Moonstruck
4030 Pillion Rider
4031 The Visitor
4032 The Crystal Fairy
4033 The Demon's Talisman
4034 Master of the Elements
4035 Quad Biking
4036 The Open Road
4037 The Betrothal
4038 The Crystal Raider

Other News:
We spoke to the Tudor Mint after seeing 'A Christmas Tale' with a base on eBay being given away with some of the extra large studies that were being sold. Jean told us "in one of the Hampers catalogues they had been photographed with a base so the models being supplied to those customers had one. We had to order a minimum quantity of bases so have some left over. If anyone wants a base they can let us know and I am told we will send them one foc whilst we have stock."
Just mention that you heard about this through DragonsCavern.

Finally, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Peaceful Yuletide and thank you for visiting, and using, the DragonsCavern websites in 2006, and hope that you continue to visit throughout 2007. We look forward to more comments, emails and postings.

Changes to the site:
It's a quiet month within the websites - there is nothing new that has been added, expect to say that the aStore now lists some games and activities that you may find suitable for last minute Christmas presents! Follow the link from the start page.
However, we do have two announcements to make;

(1) If you are a :MyChart user, please be aware that you may find access is denied between 7th - 8th December. This is beyond our control, as our website hosts (1and1) are updating their PHP scripts and this may result in a brief loss of service. Please be aware that all data will be safe, and you will not lose your personal charts.
(2) There is no chat scheduled for the last Wednesday of the month, as this falls during the Christmas festivities. We will return with a scheduled chat in the New Year, but registered users can access it 24/7 if they wish.

Remember that to access to the subscribers section, use your username and password.

Last month on we were asking; Where in your home do you display your studies? The results are:

Living Room 80.00%
Dining Room 00.00%
Study/Office 06.67%
Attic/Basement 00.00%
Other room 13.33%

For December we are asking; On the larger studies do you prefer the brass or pewter nameplates?

Take part in the vote using the buttons on the main page, or in the contact or vote section. Results will be announced in the January newsletter.

If you have a prototype study, or a rare version of any item please send it to us for inclusion on the prototypes/rare pages. Use the submit form on the contact page of the website. In addition to this, the 'wanted' page of the website lists studies that we are looking for images for. If you are able to help with those, please contact us.

That's all for this month. If you have any news, websites, announcements or comments that you would like to see in the next newsletter, or if you are a trader / collector who would like to be featured in an article in a future newsletter, please contact the webmanager.

Sincerely ,
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